Author Guidelines

  • The entire title should be indicated in the e-mail sent to the author's editorial board.
  • The article title should be 14 point bold, centered and all in upper-case. The subtitles should be left-aligned, 12 point, bold and title case (with first letter of each word in upper-case).
  • Name and surname of the author(s) should be placed under the main title, centered, and surname written in capitals. After surname, superscripted asterisk (*) should be placed and information regarding the author(s) must be written in Times New Roman 10 point and single line space that should be seen only in the first page of the article, justified in footer.
  • Text should be justified, written in Times New Roman 12 points, 1,5 line spacing. New paragraphs should be 1,25” left indented. There should be a single space before the titles within the text.
  • Expressions in the text, such as newspapers, books, magazines, artworks, computer games, mobile applications and brand names should be written in italic.

Rules of References

The reference should be made in accordance with the writing rules of the journal Üsküdar University Academic Journal of Etkileşim. Etkileşim uses the method of in-text reference of the American Psychological Association Rules (APA).

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